Turn your website into a pipeline machine

Default's all-in-one inbound lead qualification, scheduling, and routing platform makes it easy to deploy inbound workflows in minutes.

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Double your inbound pipeline

Everyone knows that hacky inbound flow you have on your site drops leads like crazy. You can't afford to do that anymore. Not in this economy.

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Route to demo or self-serve

Default is the only inbound platform that supports product-led growth funnels. Get more sign-ups and qualified demos from one form.

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Built to grow with you

Default works for every inbound funnel from your first waitlist form to your most complex setup.

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Up and running in minutes

You shouldn't need a LinkedIn certificate to set up your inbound form. Default takes 20 minutes to build, configure, and deploy.

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Works with your existing tools

Default works with tools you already use - no need to replace your entire stack.

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See Default in action

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